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Chef Jimmy Eskridge is a member of the American Personal & Private Chef Association. Certified, ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Examination, National Restaurant Association, January 27, 2011.

Plans & Pricing

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15% discount off your next service when you refer a friend who signs up for a cook date.

“Meals for the Week” Plans

All packages are all inclusive and include personal assessment, recipe research, menu planning, transportation, grocery shopping, cost of food, preparation of meals, labeling and detailed heating instructions. All pricing includes sales tax.

Listed below are our most popular meal plan packages. Choose the meal plan that best suits you and your family or please call or e-mail for a customized plan.

Family Plan

$450 All Inclusive

Our most popular service this package includes 5 entrées and 5 matching side dishes to serve 4 people. That is 20 entrées and 20 sides. All dishes are packaged for four people and stored fresh for use during the next 7 days in your refrigerator. All meals or selected meals can be requested to be frozen.

Power Couple: Lunch/Dinner Combo

$400 All Inclusive

This package, for the high octane lifestyle of the Power Couple, includes 3 dinner entrées with sides (4 servings each) and 4 lunch entrées (2 servings each). Twenty (20) total servings with 12 sides.

Palate Pleasers for Two

$375 All Inclusive

This package includes 5 entrées and 5 matching sides to serve 2 people. That is 10 entrées and 10 sides. All dishes are packaged for two people and stored fresh or frozen.

*Entrée only available for any of the above and reduces the package price by $70 per cook date.

Additional Plans

Freezer Stocking:

This plan includes up to 5 meals packaged to stock your freezer perfect for the Holidays, busy nights, or unexpected company. Meal choices include soups, chili, casseroles and pasta dishes.

Grill Ready Entrées:

This plan includes your choice of meats trimmed, marinated in one of TasteBuds special recipes, packaged, then refrigerated or frozen, ready to grill at your leisure.

Parties and Special Events

Please ask for pricing for special events and parties.

Dinner Parties

Do you love to entertain, but just don’t have the time to do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning? Let us help with your next dinner party. On the day of the party, I will do the shopping, prepare the meal, and cleanup, leaving you with a clean kitchen, and a delicious dinner to serve your guests. All this is done before the party begins, leaving you to take all the credit if you wish. Serving dinner is also available as requested.

Romantic Dinners for Two and Brunch options also available.

Cooking Parties

Since parties always end up in the kitchen anyway, why not start out there? Whether you truly want to learn to cook or just want an excuse to gather your friends to eat and drink, cooking parties can be a fun and entertaining alternative to a sit-down dinner party. Cooking parties can be demonstration only. I do all the preparation and cooking and explain the process while you and your guests sip a lovely beverage and observe, or everyone can get involved with preparation. It is up to you and your guests.

Ideas for cooking parties include:

  • Theme Party
  • Kids’ Party
  • Appetizer Party
  • Classic Dinner Party

Special Diets and All Organic

Chef Jimmy is happy to discuss and prepare foods for your special diet needs. He can also prepare all organic meals. Depending on the diet, the research involved and shopping requirements, an additional fee may be required.

Container Cost

TasteBuds recommends the use of reusable Pyrex containers. Disposable containers or reusable plastic containers may also be used. Tastebuds will purchase the containers desired for you. They are yours to keep with a three month contract.